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released June 4, 2013

Polytype is:
Jared Price // Jason Gibby // Mason Porter // Scott Haslam

Produced // Nate Pyfer
Mixed and mastered // Mike Roskelley
Engineered // Scott Wiley
Executive producers // Bern Porter, Mark Haslam, Scott Allen
Recorded // June Audio in Provo, Utah
Additional recording // G Nome Labs in Pleasant Grove, Utah & Volta Laboratory in American Fork, Utah

Backing vocals on Refract, Needs, Pyrite and Familiar Skin // Julianne Brough
Backing vocals on Gunmetal // Nate Pyfer
Additional drum programming on Needs // Finn Bjarnson
Snare drum on Familiar Skin // Brad Pew

Special thanks to:
Bern Porter, Brent Anderson, Catherine Darko, Corey Fox, Dan & Karen Rodriguez, David Haslam, Dean Cheesman, the Deer Nesters, Derek & Robyn Price, Drew James, Hannah Price, Jason & Mona Porter, Jason Moffat, Jim & Pat Camberlango, Ken Wilson, Kiley Price, Kristi Haslam, Kyle Gibby, Lia Purcell, Lindsey Porter, Louise Azarvand, Mark & Terri Haslam, Marley Porter, Melody Purcell, Pam & the Gibby Family, the Porter & Purcell families, Rick & Deb Moultrie, Ryan Haslam, Scott Allen, Scott Shepard, Sina Enosa, Stephanie Camberlango, Teal & Sage Purcell, Vicky Moultrie and Zach Price

Album artwork // Matt Shlian
Design and layout // Elyse Taylor


all rights reserved



Polytype Provo, Utah

Polytype makes music in Provo, Utah.

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Track Name: Cyclone
Don't move an inch
Stay rooted to the spot
A static projection of
the future you forgot

I'll cut my teeth
I'll shed my skin
When part of me dies
another part begins
Track Name: Basic//Complex
I'm unseen colors
I'm inexpressible sound
I'm unknown messages
I'm voices buried underground

I wait for you

Your days are numbered
by all the horrors kept at bay
Share what you see in dreams
Archaic etches in the clay

I wait for you
Track Name: Refract
All along the walls we stare back
caught in different hues
We're gray in places, blue in places back
before we saw this through

Walking down the hall they stare back
and try to cut you through
With graying faces, blue in traces and
they don't remember you

I can't stand still for long enough
to see this through

They chased me through those days and nights
in dreams that held you too
And now inside my voice they hang back
and wait for someone new

Along these nowhere roads and smokestacks
the rain falls anew
In these graying places dark replaces where
the colors once shone through

I can't stand still for long enough
to see this through
Track Name: Needs
I'm out of my head
I'm lost in a dream
A colorless place
I'm alone but I'm free

Crawl into my mind
Be what you can be
The ghost in my shell
such a sweet enemy

It's you that I need

You're under my skin
You're all that I see
Your color and form
fill the space around me

The haunting begins
and you take your leave
Your tired voice falls
and I drift off to sleep

It's you that I need
Track Name: Devils Out
We tried to break this
The words won't leave our mouths
We could, but don't reach out
You can't contain them
the colors you don't show
You've drowned but you don't know

It's hard to hear you
You're fading in and out
A haze of shape and sound
What would it take for
a chance to feel you burn?
Though you're here, you've not returned

And you cannot
turn it off
Let the devils out
Let them run

You think it's all unwinding
Depends on what you saw
and which voice you use to talk
When they speak of endings
this must be what they mean
to be held and not be seen

And you cannot
turn it off
Let the devils out
Let them run
Track Name: Gunmetal
We are too wild to hear
We are too wild to come home
The city holds us dear
The skyline is our own

We're home

Forget the desert nights
Forget the sleepy sounds
They offer no respite
No longer to be found

at home
Track Name: Pyrite
I'm only colors in the haze
You're water running underground
Wind whips and dancing fire plays
Lost in a night of crystal sound

Of all the colors in the sun
And tastes of earth baked to bone
It's toward your voice that I run
It's what you sing that brings me home

To you
Track Name: Coinflip
Grab the end
of the old rope
for tug of war
Between your ears
the shifting gears
are calling for it

Take it back
and take it forth
You're never sure
If nothing's right
and nothing's wrong
well, what's the point?

Turn around
Carry us out
Don't fear the game of chance
When in doubt
head over tails
the coin is flipping 'round

Turn around
Your coin will flip
It will crash to the earth
Track Name: Running Out
Just say anything that works
Whatever helps you sleep at night
These kinds of words aren't meant to hurt
They're only said to set things right

For every chance you let get away
You're running out
Can't give you one reason to remain
You're running out

Sometimes we talk to fill the void
The silence keeps us up at night
We're only comfortable in noise
so we can't understand the things we might

For every chance you let get away
You're running out
Can't give you one reason to remain
You're running out
Track Name: Familiar Skin
If I open my eyes
would I feel at home?
Would all the shapes and colors
be what I've come to know?
Could I put a name to
every familiar face?
Or would I still be haunted
by these ghosts I can't escape?

I know there is no better place to go

Always playing what if
but I never win
Never could escape from
this familiar skin
What am I afraid of?
What can't I bear to face?
And what will always haunt me
as a ghost I can't erase?

I know there is no better place to go
But I'm always running somewhere
Always on the road

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